Inner Compass - A Journey of Breath, Sound, Reiki & Meditation.

Inner Compass - A Journey of Breath, Sound, Reiki & Meditation.
26 May 2023 6:30 p.m.

About the experience:

A deeply intentional offering into finding your inner compass through the power of your breath, guided meditation and sound. This is an experience for you to journey on a path of Self discovery, enhancing your intuition and connecting to your inner compass. The part that lives inside of you, that has all of the answers you have been seeking, you just have to clear the dust so that you can see clearly again.

What to expect:

The evening will begin through a detailed explanation of the breath, why the breath is important and how to breathe properly. We will then go on a journey through conscious connected breathing to unlock your inner being and awaken yourself to your inner compass. The evening will then conclude with a guided meditation back to the heart, full of forgiveness, love and deep inner child connection whilst you bask in the magic of sound bowls.

About your facilitator: Ally Griffin - @allygriffinn

Ally is a yoga teacher, reiki master and breathwork facilitator who has dedicated herself to the healing path. After being in the fitness industry for many years, she knew there was something else out there for her that would change her life, she just hadn’t found it yet. Through energy healing and the breath, Ally has been on a magical journey to finding her way back home to her inner compass. She is now consistently looking for ways to grow and develop & hopes to share her wisdom, knowledge and experiences with as many people as she can so that they too can find their inner compass.

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