2022 Anatomy and Physiology Annual Research Symposium

2022 Anatomy and Physiology Annual Research Symposium
1 December 9 a.m.
Come and learn about ground breaking biomedical science research discoveries and meet world-leading experts.

You are invited to the 2022 Department of Anatomy and Physiology Research Symposium. As one of 3 departments in the School of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Melbourne, the Department of Anatomy and Physiology boasts an exciting and vibrant research culture united by our interest in understanding the structure and function of the body in health and disease. The 2022 symposium aims to showcase and celebrate our recent research successes and seed partnerships with leading Australian researchers. We hope you can join us as the day promises to be educational, inspirational and rewarding.

The 2022 symposium will be a one-day event and will feature oral sessions, flash talks and poster presentations that cover our major research themes: Cell and Developmental Biology, Muscle Biology, Metabolic and Cardiovascular Science, and Neuroscience. Session will be supplemented by invited talks from some of Australia's most exciting biomedical researchers from partner institutions . The goal is to offer ample opportunities to interact formally and informally with valued colleagues.

Registration for the symposium is free. The program starts at 9am and concludes at 5pm. Morning tea, lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Note: At this time the event is planned to be a face-to-face meeting but provisions will be made for a virtual meeting format or a mixed format if it is required prior to the event.


If you are planning a poster presentation, please email an abstract (1 page maximum, can include a figure) as an attachment to song.yao@unimelb.edu.au by 10:00am Monday 24th Oct, 2022. Indicate in your email if you would like to be considered for a PhD/ ECR flash talk (a 3 minute/ 3 slide presentation of your poster to be presented at the podium). Prizes are on offer!

For further information about this symposium, please email Professor Stuart Mazzone (stuart.mazzone@unimelb.edu.au), Director of Research – Department of Anatomy and Physiology.

Price Free
Venue 181 Grattan Street
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