BSMT Space, 529 Kingsland Road, London

BSMT Space, 529 Kingsland Road, London

BSMT Space, 529 Kingsland Road, London
Address: BSMT Space, 529 Kingsland Road

BSMT SPACE shows the best in current Urban Contemporary Art. Situated in the heart of Dalston we continually work towards curating a space that connects The Street to The Gallery, a gallery space galvanised!

Born out of a disused black basement, the gallery has evolved over the past six years to gain a reputation as a platform that showcases some of the finest UK-based and global artists. We are now ‘ground floor’ but our goals as a gallery remain the same: the support and development of emerging and established artists, to use the gallery to support causes we believe in and to allow the gallery to be a place to create as well as to exhibit. We produce authentic exhibitions showcasing people and ideas at their best.

We have worked towards maintaining a unique attitude towards the Art World without undermining our professionalism, a collaborative and unique gallery- if you know about Urban Art you’ll know about BSMT Space.

You'll find us near the junction of Kingsland Rd and Balls Pond Rd , a five minute walk from Dalston Kingsland or a one minute walk from Dalston Junction overground stations.


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