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Tina Dico

Tina Dico

Title: Tina Dico: The Undeniable Talent of Danish Rock Pop Tina Dico, born Tina Dickow on October 14, 1977, in …
The Lilacs

The Lilacs

Title: A Closer Look at The Lilacs: Pioneers of the Chicago Pop Rock Wave The Lilacs are an American rock …
The Blue Stones

The Blue Stones

The Blue Stones, a blues-rock band from Hamilton, Ontario, have been wowing audiences since their debut album "Black Holes" in …
the olllam

the olllam

Title: Spotlight on The Olllam - The Pioneering Celtic Fusion Band Dive into the captivating world of music with The …
The Manatees

The Manatees

The Manatees, a talented alternative indie pop band, are taking the music world by storm with their unique sound and …
Static Dress

Static Dress

Static Dress is an up and coming metalcore band from Denver, Colorado. Formed in 2018, the band has quickly become …
20 January
Slow Pulp

Slow Pulp

Slow Pulp, the indie-rock quartet from Madison, Wisconsin, has been gaining serious traction in the music world since their formation …


DMA'S are an Australian indie rock band, formed in 2012 in Sydney. The band consists of vocalist/guitarist Tommy O'Dell, guitarist …
17 December
Oracle Sisters

Oracle Sisters

Oracle Sisters is an up and coming rock/pop band from Brighton, England. The band consists of four members: lead singer …

Bad Omens

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Cats In Space

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Sleep Token

Texas King

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bar italia


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