IRL Year End Sacred Healing Sharing Circle Meet Up@Hampstead Heath,London

“The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.”
-Benjamin Disraeli

Following the first ever in real life Circle that happened recently and following requests to have another, I am doing the last Circle of the year in real life again but this one will be at Hampstead.(Subsequent of these monthly circles will continue as usual online.)

It is going to be a very special one.


12:00:Meeting at Burgh House Cafe now known as LEAFI The Buttery Cafe.

We will get something to eat and/or drink while doing the intros.(you can pay for your own food/drink or not:food/drinks are not included in the fee to attend this event). This is an enchanting cafe with a garden with outdoor seating.

Out of respect to other attendees if you arrive late you will not be able to join and the fee paid will not be refunded. Please be a few minutes early in case you need time to find the group. After the event starts I do not check or reply to online comments as I am running the event.

See below for link to menu.

13:00: Explore enchanting Pergola and Hill Gardens. (see photo)

14:00: We head to Hampstead Heath where the circle will be run. While we will be sat outdoors, please ensure you bring with you whatever is necessary to ensure that you can be outdoors for 2 hours comfortably.

While the online Circle has always been free to attend and will continue to be free, I am charging a non refundable £10 fee for this event to ensure that those that RSVP show up, as usually free IRL events have high RSVPs but also high no-show rates.


A women’s sacred healing sharing circle is essentially a safe space where women of all ages can come to share their life stories, express their full gamut of emotions, embrace the ‘divine femininity", set positive intentions, and harness the collective power of a group of like-minded individuals who are attuned to their need for connection and, in some cases, healing.

The only requirements are to:

•Speak from the Heart

•Listen with Compassion


As a Healer/Life Coach Practitioner, I will be facilitating this non judgemental, safe space for adult female only attendees of all ages to:

•Share and talk about whatever is on our mind.

•Emotional healing and release. This session focuses on the ritual of release. Last time we brought to the circle our stories that we narrated and this time we will be releasing the parts of us and our lives that we want to let go of in time for 2023. This is going to be important because we will be witnessing and being witnessed saying goodbye to the old and ushering in the new in our lives.

•We bring to the circle what we currently have to celebrate and also what we have that we find is painful for us.

This is going to be a powerful Circle, ladies, so I hope to see you there!


•I will be outside the cafe (entrance)to meet everyone before going inside. To identify me, the host, I will be wearing a pin in gold tone that says "Welcome Host Plus".

•All attendees will need to make their own way to and from the venue.

•This event is for adult women only.

• £10 fee is non-refundable. If for unforeseen reasons I have to reschedule this event, all attendees will be notified of the new date. If the attendee(s) cannot attend the new rescheduled event a credit can be applied for another online or IRL event of the same price. If a refund is the only option required by attendee(s)I will consider this on a case by case basis but if refund is paid out it will be minus fees associated to receiving the money.

•Disclaimer -While I will take great care to ensure the safety of all attendees, by signing up and attending any event that I organise you agree that your safety is your own responsibility and I am not responsible or liable for the safety of any member, or any member’s guests. By attending any of my events you accept this policy.

•In the event that there is an issue paying here or if you prefer to pay directly:

•This event is being run as a social/mixer only. It does not constitute a replacement for a diagnosis or medical/psychological treatment. For more info about me, the modalities I work with and my other events:

If you have any questions feel free to message me! Follow me on here so that you receive notifications of my new events.

Price £ 11
Venue Hampstead Heath
Exact Location: in Eventbrite Order Confirmation email 'Additional Information', check spam folder
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