FRESHERS- Sneak Finale Rave @ XOYO - £2.50 Drinks

FRESHERS- Sneak Finale Rave @ XOYO -  £2.50 Drinks
3 October 2023
10 p.m.

et ready to set the night ablaze and dance with abandon, as if there's no dawn approaching, at the most exhilarating gathering of the year! Be a part of an indelible finale celebration for Sneak Freshers that will set your heart racing and your feet in motion to the throbbing cadence of the beats.

Step into a realm where music commands the night and the vitality is infectious. Our skilled DJs will weave an enchanting fusion of house, EDM, and the latest chart-toppers, constructing an environment that will entice you to relinquish yourself to the groove. Dissolve into the dance floor as the lights bedazzle and the bass resonates throughout your being.

Yet, the revelry refuses to fade! Immerse yourself in an atmosphere meticulously crafted to unite newfound companions and forge timeless recollections.

Vodka Redbull Single £5.50 Double £7.50 Single Smirnoff / Captain Morgan Spiced / Gordons - £2.50 (£3.50 w Mixer) Double Smirnoff / Captain Morgan Spiced / Gordons - £4.50 (£5.50 w Mixer) San Miguel Cans - 2 for £7.50

XOYO 32-37 Cowper St Old Street London EC2A 4AP Nearest Tube: Old Street (Northern Line)
Entry is at the venue’s discretion


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