BIMA x The Good Shout | Why Maternity is an *Everyone* Issue

BIMA x The Good Shout | Why Maternity is an *Everyone* Issue
5 December 2023
9:30 a.m.

Returning to work after having a baby isn’t easy, whether it’s your first, third or sixth child! Especially for women.

In fact, many women cite a “crisis of confidence” after maternity leave. What used to seem so simple - leading meetings, presenting or using their voice to propose and challenge ideas - feels harder than ever. It can even seem like your industry (and company) has moved on.

Two thirds of women admit feeling drained of self belief when it comes to the idea of returning to work after time away starting a family (Huffington Post, 2015), and nearly 50% of all mothers find it hard reentering the workplace (Lean in, 2020). But matenity is an *everyone* issue. Despite an incredible increase in men taking paternity leave, more work needs to be done to make the transition back from birth a good one.

Join us for an honest and productive panel focused on what women need (and want). There is no easy solution for this, but this optimistic and lively seminar will explore the challenges that women face in the run up to the return, what great looks like when it comes to supporting returning mums, what terrible looks like, and what leaders can easily do to step up.

Host: Lucie Cave, Chief Creative Officer at Bauer and entertainment editor on ITV's Lorraine


  • Rob Mayhew, Creative Director and TikTok creator
  • Izzy Lumsden, Head of B2B Marketing at TikTok
  • Lee Beattie, MD of John Doe
  • Harpreet Bushell, Partner and CGO at Else
  • Anniki Sommerville, Instagram Creator, Author of 'Motherwhelmed" and Strategic Insights Director at Differentology

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