TEDxAjegunle - Be The Voice

TEDxAjegunle - Be The Voice
4 February 10 a.m.

Change is not up to our politicians or religious leaders. It is up to you!

The big question is are you ready?

If you don't stand up today as the voice of change in your little corner, you will still not do so when you arrive at the big stage of life.

The hard truth is that to be a voice of change is difficult.

The harder truth is that you must not be on the stage or in politics to be a voice of change.

You can be the voice of change right NOW!

We know you want to drive change and make an impact, but hey, there is a certain type of mindset to possess in order to do so.

That is why we bring you TEDx Ajegunle, a day event with seven strategic facilitators to speak your sleeping giant to life with proven principles.

Price Free
Venue Stel Rina multipurpose hall
63, Bale street off boundary road, Lagos, 102211, Nigeria
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