SHABACH (April Edition)

SHABACH (April Edition)
27 April 2024
3 p.m.

SHABACH means to address in a loud tone, to shout, to commend, to glory, or to declare triumph.

It also means to raise a Holy Roar.


🔥A place of great revival

🔥 A place of great surge

🔥 A place of deliverance

🔥 A place to stir up the faith of many

🔥 A place where new visions are birthed across generations

🔥 A place where the undiluted word of God is taught

🔥 A place where we drink until we are drunk

🔥 A place where kings and queens are made

🔥 A place where purpose is discovered

🔥 A place where nations come to the knowledge of their God

🔥 A place where Gods hunger is satisfied

🔥 A place of encounters with the Holy Ghost

🔥 A place where the healing anointing is heavy and strong

🔥 A place where the mind of God is directly spoken

🔥 A place where His presence is so tangible

🔥 A place where connections and spiritual activations are restored.

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