Nigeria Hydrocarbon Measurement Conference

Nigeria Hydrocarbon Measurement Conference
3 October - 5 October 2023

The Nigeria Hydrocarbon Measurement Conference (NiHMEC) is a platform for stakeholders in Nigeria’s petroleum industry and worldwide to share knowledge and experience on hydrocarbon measurement and accounting issues.

The first NiHMEC was held in 2021, and the second was held in 2022. The 2022 conference was a hybrid event, with some participants and speakers joining via Zoom. A total of 307 people from 9 countries participated in-person and online.

NiHMEC has gained the attention and interest of all the stakeholders in Nigeria’s petroleum industry and globally. At NiHMEC 2022, stakeholders in the oil and gas industry expressed their continuous support for NiHMEC and reiterated that the interest in the conference must be sustained. The discussions at NiHMEC 2022 largely emphasized the need to enshrine proper hydrocarbon measurement and accounting processes to minimize value erosion in the industry.

Based on the outcomes of NiHMEC 2022, there is a need to discuss the processes that matter most to achieving accurate measurement and accounting of oil and gas flows along Nigeria's entire hydrocarbon value chain. Also, with the drive toward increasing gas production and utilization for economic development in Nigeria, there is the need to emphasize accurate measurement of natural gas and its derivatives. Therefore, the theme for NiHMEC 2023 (NiHMEC 3) is:

Unlocking Gas Resources and Optimising Metering for Maximum Value

NiHMEC 2023 will be a 2-day event and will be held in Lagos. There will be a 1-day pre-conference–A Hydrocarbon Measurement School (HMS) on 3rd October 2023, where industry experts will deliver short courses. The main conference will take place on 4th-5th October 2023.

We invite you to attend NiHMEC 2023 and participate in the discussions on how to achieve accurate measurement and accounting of oil and gas flows along Nigeria's entire hydrocarbon value chain. Your participation will help to ensure that Nigeria maximizes the value of its gas resources for economic development.

We look forward to seeing you at NiHMEC 2023!

Price 100.00 - 4350.00
Victoria Crown Plaza Hotel
292B Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, LA 100232, Nigeria
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