22 March 9 a.m.
Effective Office Management Training will help you see yourself and your office management role differently. Beginning with self-awareness, we will delve into what makes you thrive and holds you back. You will discover how to stop chasing your tail and manage your time and tasks to achieve daily and long-term goals with minimal stress and maximum job satisfaction.

To effectively manage an office, you must first manage yourself and then manage your time, tasks, and others to achieve maximum success. This JK Michaels Institute course will help you gain motivation and confidence by teaching you the principles and best practices of effective office management.

You will learn to prioritise, plan, and solve problems to finish your work on time and increase your productivity over time. You will gain confidence in communicating in public, in meetings, and with all levels of staff, as well as managing challenging behaviours.

Finally, you will develop self-management skills that enable you to cope with stress, maintain a positive attitude, and enjoy your job daily regardless of the challenges. This course will help delegates improve their knowledge and understanding of effective office management. It discusses the role of senior administrative staff in project management and techniques for planning, prioritising, and managing work and projects. They will learn more about the function of senior administrative staff in people management.

Venue Ikeja Lagos
,Lagos, Nigeria
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