Metaverse Leadership Speed Networking

Metaverse Leadership Speed Networking
13 October 2023
10 p.m.

The event start at 10:00pm HongKong Time (Time Zone: GMT+8)

What is the "Metaverse Leadership Speed Networking" event ?

The goal of the "Metaverse Leadership Speed Networking" event is to provide a platform for leaders in the Metaverse space to come together, share their experiences, and discuss key issues related to the development of the Metaverse.

Through the event, participants can build relationships and connect with others who have similar interests and goals. By exchanging ideas and best practices, leaders can also learn from each other and explore new ways to address complex challenges and opportunities that arise in the Metaverse.

This event can provide valuable opportunities for exchanging leadership experiences in the rapidly evolving field of the Metaverse, and for staying at the forefront of its developments.

How will the event work?

The "Metaverse Leadership Speed Networking" event is a highly efficient and structured online networking session designed to foster connections and exchange insights and ideas among Metaverse leaders worldwide. The session typically lasts for approximately 1.5 hours and enables participants to engage in one-on-one and small group conversations with other attendees.

Participants will be provided with a list of conversation prompts or questions to help guide the discussion and facilitate meaningful exchanges. By offering a set of questions that are tailored to the theme and topic of the event, participants are encouraged to share their experiences and perspectives on the Metaverse industry and explore new ideas, challenges and opportunities.

During the event, participants are encouraged to exchange business cards or contact information with each other to continue the conversation and stay in touch after the event.

What value will you get from the event?

This event provides Metaverse leaders with a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, share their knowledge, and learn from one another while exploring innovative solutions to complex challenges and opportunities. By attending, leaders will expand their network, stay up to date on the latest industry trends, discover new business opportunities, and form valuable partnerships that drive innovation and growth within their Metaverse space.

- Networking: The event provides a platform for Metaverse leaders from around the world to connect and exchange ideas, experiences, and insights. Participants can build their professional network and establish new relationships that can lead to future collaborations, partnerships, or career opportunities.

- Knowledge sharing: Through one-on-one and small group conversations, participants can learn from each other and gain new perspectives on the Metaverse industry. The event allows attendees to discuss and exchange best practices, innovative ideas, and emerging trends.

- Business opportunities: The event can help participants discover new business opportunities or partnerships within the Metaverse industry. By connecting with other industry leaders, attendees can explore new ways to address complex challenges and capitalize on emerging trends.

- Personal development: The event can help attendees develop their leadership and communication skills. By engaging in meaningful conversations with other professionals, participants can practice their networking and interpersonal skills and gain confidence in their abilities.

Who Sould Attend?

The "Metaverse Leadership Speed Networking" event targets Metaverse leaders from around the world. This includes executives, entrepreneurs, investors, thought leaders, and other professionals who are interested in the Metaverse space and are looking to build connections and exchange ideas with like-minded individuals. Attendees should have a strong interest in the Metaverse industry, and have a level of experience or expertise that would allow them to contribute meaningfully to the conversation. The event is open to all individuals who meet these criteria and are interested in networking with other Metaverse leaders.

Schdule Arrangements:

What do participants need to prepare?

* The Metaverse Leadership Spee Networking event requires only a computer and internet connection for registered attendees to participate.

* Two days before the event, attendees will receive a registration link for the speed networking session via email.

* Attendees will also receive ievent nstructions and a list of topics to be discussed at the event via email two days before the event.

* We encourage attendees to prepare in advance so that they can make the most of their networking opportunities.

Any questions please email: [email protected]

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