Mastering Tenders & Contracts in ESG (Kuala Lumpur, 14-15 June 2023)

    Mastering Tenders &ampamp; Contracts in ESG (Kuala Lumpur, 14-15 June 2023)
    14 June - 15 June 2023

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    Strategies for Successful Implementation:

    The contracting and tendering Guru, Jim Bergman is set to take Kuala Lumpur by storm on the 14th and 15th of June. He will be showcasing the best ESG practices and winning strategies in procuring contracts and tenders in a highly interactive and practical 2-day masterclass titled Mastering Tenders & Contracts in ESG - Strategies for Successful Implementation.

    Hear From What Others Say About Jim's Sessions & Books:

    • “Jim delivered the training well by providing an in-depth understanding of the principles of contract management.” Mohd Norhatta Bin Azhar – AGM, Contract Management, Velesto Drilling
    • “The main strength for me was the practical examples given. To those who have yet to attend this training, I would encourage them, especially those involved in negotiation as Jim does not only share theoretical concepts but really more real-world experiences which are of high value. I want to credit Kexxel Group as this is my second event here. Their selection of speakers is excellent!” Hasfizal Bin Mukhtar – Senior Manager, Chemical Company of Malaysia
    • “One thing that Jim has instilled in me is to have as much clarity and trust in the contractual relationships, so it brings value to both parties engaged in a contract to get a win-win negotiation. The topics discussed were great as Jim Bergman is an excellent speaker.” Mohamad Halil Bin Haron - Head of Project Management & Control, Tenaga Nasional Berhad
    • “For those of us that need our complex contract to be high performing, this book is a must-read. The importance of the relationship in working together for mutual benefit is a prevalent theme that inspires the reader to act boldly. Follow the framework and tools within to achieve success with Relational Contract.“ David Handley – VP Business Partnerships PHSA, Provincial Health Services Authority

    Programme Unique Features:

    • By attending this highly interactive and practical workshop, participants will learn how to avoid shortcomings in tender and contracting practices, ranging from terms and conditions to scopes of work and service level agreements, to the key performance indicators. This workshop will equip participants with the framework for implementing effective tendering and contracting strategies, especially related to ESG, with an in-depth look into the market approach strategies, tendering and contracting strategies, negotiation models, and post-award contract management strategies.

    Who Should Attend:

    This masterclass is designed to help anyone who deals with people. It is particularly well suited to the needs of:

    • Legal Managers and Support Staff
    • Tender Managers and Support Staff
    • Contract and Procurement Managers
    • Purchasing and Supply Managers
    • Financial Managers and Auditors
    • Project Coordinators, Supervisors, Engineers, Assistants and
    • Administrators
    • Compliance Managers
    • Planning Supervisors, Coordinators, Assistants, Engineers
    • Operations Supervisors, Engineers, Coordinators

    Key Learning Points:

    • Understanding the importance of ESG initiatives in supply chains
    • Identifying potential risks and shortcomings in tendering and contracting practices related to ESG
    • Developing effective tendering and contracting strategies for ESG initiatives
    • Learning market approach strategies, negotiation models, and post-award contract management strategies
    • Applying the new perspective gained from the workshop to job requirements
    • Succeeding in the ESG-driven economy by implementing effective tendering and contracting strategies.

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