Crafting Effective Culture Communications

Crafting Effective Culture Communications
5 December 2023
9 a.m.

As a culture driver in your company, you know that communication can either build or break, enhance or dilute, your company’s culture.

From making difficult announcements to dealing with a jaded and burnt out workforce to getting management buy-in, everything is affected by the way communication messages are crafted.

In this workshop, you will understand that there are so many ways in which you can deliver a message and each one will trigger a different experience for your audience.

You’ll learn to harness the power of words to deliver your message with impact. You’ll be guided to explore various communication styles to find the ‘voice’ that is aligned with your company values, and strategically craft the various forms of communication to achieve your intended outcome.


RM 1272 per pax (incl 6% SST)

Fee is 100% HRDC Claimable

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Crafting Effective Culture Communications

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