Collective Fibres - A workshop by Evey Kwong in collaboration with Gary Khaeril Zach

Collective Fibres - A workshop by Evey Kwong in collaboration with Gary Khaeril Zach
19 March 10 a.m.
A day workshop by Evey Kwong collaboration with Gary Khaeril Zach, Environmental Education Specialist.

Date and time: 10am to 5pm, Saturday, 19 March 2023
Venue: Rimba Ilmu Botanical Garden, UM

‘Collective Fibres’ is a creative weaving workshop exploring possibilities of the local overlooked plant materials found in the Botanic Garden of University Malaya.

In times of scarcity of natural resources and environmental awareness, there is a resurgence of artisanal activities, recovering ancestral knowledge.

Different material senses will be invoked by a series of sensual and practical experiments which includes experimental cordage making, twining, braiding and stitching. Possibilities of what woven materials could do – or be — will be stretched to their maximum with our ingenuity and tools.

On this day, we will create woven objects through found materials through trial and error during the making process.


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Evey Kwong is a designer-crafts maker whose practice evolves in the theme of craft-based technology by connecting with the origin of material cultures, people and place. Her works have been exhibited at the Museum of European Cultures [DE], HOW&WOW BASK IT! [Dutch Design Week]. She was one of the panelists invited to talk about the future of crafts, organised by the Crafts Council Nederland. Today, fueled by her desire to promote crafts making, she collaborates with various institutions on design research projects. She leads workshops where she shares her connection to craft technologies with makers.

Gary Khaeril Zach comes with a strong background in environmental education and has worked with animals, plants and people in various capacities. Benefiting from the indigenous knowledge of local communities in Borneo and Peninsular Malaysia, he is now attached to Forest Institute of Malaysia (FRIM), part time teaching at the University Malaya and developing specific conservation and species based education programs. His passion is to work with young people to expose them to the complexities and diversity in the natural world.

Collective Fibres is supported by the @thehabitatfoundation, with
co-organisation by @designarchive and @rimbailmuum.

Venue Rimba Ilmu Botanical Gardens
,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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