Cash Flow and Working Capital Management

    Cash Flow and Working Capital Management
    16 August - 17 August 2023

    The Course will provide participants with a structured process and methodology to analyze and understand cash and working capital information and improve their analytical skills. The curriculum is designed to ensure that complex concept and strategies are delivered to participants in a simple way, and it becomes easy for them to remember and implement these ideas in their current job and business decision-making.

    OverviewThe course will cover how to analyze financial statements and case studies, interpretation of cash flow and working capital information, roles of working capital and cash flows in growth of the companies, and issues faced and strategies in critical decision-making. Participants will gain valuable knowledge from the entire course and practical examples and exercises which they can apply in their business and professions. The analytical structure for the course hinges on  cash Management, working capital, identification of issues, management of the working capital and cash flows issues, strategies for the company, Financial analysis, forecasting  of cash flows and various decision-making using various financials tools

    Who should attend All individuals who want to improve their finance effectiveness and decision making  should attend this course

    • Finance managers, business analysts,  corporate finance professionals and manager etc
    • Functional/ departments heads, CFO and decision-making professionals in the corporate finance of the company
    • Middle to senior managers working in finance department of the company 
    • Financial professionals like CPA, CFA, MBA etc
    • Business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, consultants etc
    • Any other professional who wants to build up his/her finance capabilities

    Methodology  Non- theoretical methodology which includes interactive discussions, case studies, interactive games and assignments to understand the concepts and their applicability.

     TrainerAll our trainers are carefully chosen by us and possess a rich and vast experience in the financial sector. This course conducted by an experienced training consultant having more than 16 years of industry experience with some of the world’s leading business institutions, specializing in corporate finance, investment banking, and private equity.

    Course Content

    Module – 1Introduction

    • Introduction
    • What is cash
    • What does Cash include?
    • What is Cash Management?
    • Cash Management objectives

    Module – 2Heart of any business

    • Importance of Cash Flows Statement -
    • How to analyze Cash Flow Statement
    • Difference between Accounting profit and Cash profit

    Module – 3Cash management process and its control 

    • Advantages of cash management
    • Steps to Cash Management process
    • Conduct a baseline assessment to establish your current status
    • Track your performance
    • Create an Action Plan
    • Roll it out
    • Continue to improve

    Module – 4Cash flow cycle and planning

    • How does money move in Cash Flow Cycle
    • Steps in Managing Cash Flow
    • How to measure the liquidity of the company and its impact on cash management
    • Sources of liquidity: Primary  and secondary sources
    • How to measure the liquidity using various ratios
    • Analysis of impact of liquidity on cash management
    • Pitfalls’ of analysis

    Module – 5Forecasting and analysis of cash budget

    • How to build the cash budget
    • Analysis of  cash budget
    • Items to be included and excluded
    • Pitfalls and point to remember

    Module – 6Financing of cash and working capital requirement of the business

    • Why we need financing for cash and working capital
    • Understanding and types of financing
    • Various sources to raise cash and its cost
    • How to evaluate various options and choose the best source

    Module – 7Impact of cash shortages and surplus 

    • Understanding cash shortage & cash surplus
    • Cash shortfalls and cash surpluses
    • Managing Cash shortages
    • Steps in managing cash flow during shortages
    • Evaluating funding options
    • Accelerating cash inflows
    • How do you manage surplus cash
    • Investment policy
    • Steps for investment plan
    • Investment Product of corporate cash management

    Module – 8

    Effect of credit management on cash and strategy to improve the cash management 

    • Credit management
    • Receipt Cycle
    • Issue in the credit management
    • Example of credit management for global companies
    • Understanding the impact of credit on the business of the company
    • Various type of policies used in industry and its impact on cash
    • Various analysis to check the effectiveness of the credit policies
    • Key pitfalls

    Module – 9How to manage the receivables and payables to improve the cash flow s

    • Strategy of Credit management to improve cash flows
    • Advantages and disadvantages of these strategies
    • Receivable Financing
    • Types of receivable financing
    • Unsecured financing
    • Collection and payment practice
    • Categories of holding cash
    • Prompt Collection and efficient disbursement

    Module – 10Managing inventory

    • Understanding of various inventory management policies in the industry
    • How does inventory effects the cash management
    • Strategy to improve the inventory management
    • Various method applied for inventory management
    • Inventory financing

    Module –11Warning Signals of adverse working capital and cash flow management and steps to improve 

    • Warning signs in working capital management
    • Understanding its impact on cash flow
    • Questions to be answered for warning signs
    • Early warning signs
    • Monitoring cash flow for warning signs

    Module – 12How to implement effective International cash management 

    • International Cash Management
    • Complications in International Cash Management
    • Strategy for international cash management

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