Training of Trainers #4, In-person Course Jakarta

Training of Trainers #4, In-person Course Jakarta
24 April - 25 April 2024

Asosiasi Profesional Privasi Data Indonesia, supported by Schinder Law Firm, presents Training of Trainers, In-person Course #4, Wednesday-Thursday, 24-25 April, from 13:00-17:00 WIB, Jakarta.

Training Methodology

Four steps highlighting the importance of studying the modules, actively preparing and delivering presentations, engaging in peer feedback, and conducting comprehensive presentation sessions.

1. Comprehensive Study and Up-to-Date Knowledge:

- Thoroughly study all 10 modules of DPO Online Course.

- Stay updated on international case studies, theoretical knowledge, and best practices.

- Emphasize understanding of GDPR and comprehensive knowledge of data protection requirements.

2. Active Preparation and Delivery of Presentations:

- Deliver presentations based on assigned modules (assigned on the day of the training).

- Engage in Q&A sessions with professors and other participants to foster a collaborative learning environment.

3. Peer Feedback and Collaboration:

- Provide constructive feedback on other participants' presentations to support their growth.

4. Comprehensive Presentation Sessions:

- Allocate 15 minutes for module presentations.

- Conduct a 15-minute question-and-answer session after each presentation.

Assessment criteria

To become a certified trainer, you will be assessed across the following 10 criteria:

1. Subject Knowledge

2. Training Content

3. Communication Skills

4. Facilitation Skills

5. Adaptability

6. Participant Engagement

7. Training Techniques

8. Feedback and Evaluation

9. Time Management

10. Body Language

The minimum passing grade is 85% to become a certified DPO trainer by the best APPDI.

Exclusively for APPDI CDPO and Members. Secure your place before 24 March. Join the APPDI Community of Trainers.

Become a data protection powerhouse and empower others!

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