8th Annual Indonesia OpenGov Leadership Forum 2024

8th Annual Indonesia OpenGov Leadership Forum 2024
1 August 2024
8:20 a.m.
Accelerating Digital Transformation to Achieve "Indonesia Emas 2045" Economic Transformation Goal

Indonesia is ramping up its investment in digital technologies to achieve Indonesia Emas 2045 vision! Come and be part of this exciting journey!

Despite the challenges posed by the global economic landscape, Indonesia's economy has demonstrated resilience and growth, fueled by domestic demand improvements and robust export performance, driven by strong demand from key trading partners and supported by rising purchasing power, increased mobility and declining inflation.

The country has also embraced digital transformation, with businesses adopting digital technologies and e-commerce platforms to enhance efficiency and expand their customer base, particularly within a thriving startup ecosystem in cities like Bandung and Jakarta, spanning logistics, e-commerce, finance, and health technology sectors.

Indonesia’s enterprise sector contributes significantly to the country's sustainability goals, export revenues, and global competitiveness, positioning it well to continue its multifaceted role in bolstering economic growth and resilience.

The enterprise sector displays a diverse array of patterns and characteristics, with Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) playing a pivotal role in driving economic growth and employment, leading the government to implement measures to support and facilitate their expansion.

Nonetheless, challenges such as the need for a skilled workforce, inadequate infrastructure, and complex regulations have beset the enterprise sector, further exacerbated by disruptions from the pandemic, underscoring the importance of resilience and adaptability in Indonesia's corporate landscape.

Looking ahead, Indonesia's enterprise sector is expected to maintain and potentially increase its significance within the national economy, continuing its legacy of serving as a major driver of economic growth, fostering innovation, job creation, and technological advancements while promoting economic diversity, reducing unemployment, and attracting foreign investment.

The Indonesia OpenGov Leadership Forum is the best platform to help governments, financial institutions and industry players to break down barriers, collaborate, and work together for better outcomes for citizens.

OpenGov has consistently gathered over 250 top decision makers , ICT professionals and civil servants to meet their international counterparts to discuss key issues relating to digital transformation.

Our award-winning OpenGov Gamification Table (OGT) allows for intimate interaction with delegates, speakers and technology experts, especially those who influence and determine digital strategies within their organisation.

Every OGT showcases a gamified experience where delegates get to learn, allowing to discuss, share and learn with the technology partner and a speaker.

Every activity and facet of the event is designed for in-depth discussion, learning, collaboration and exclusive insights from industry leaders.

Who Should Attend

Government ICT Leaders

Financial Services Industry Movers

Key Industry Players

Technology Trailblazers

Industry Innovators

Future Shapers

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