CyberSecAsia - Indonesia Conference 2024

CyberSecAsia - Indonesia Conference 2024
18 July 2024
8:30 a.m.

The CyberSecID 2024 Summit emerges as a cornerstone event tailored for cybersecurity professionals in Indonesia. This summit stands as a catalyst fostering immersive dialogues addressing challenges and nurturing the exchange of best practices within the dynamic realm of cybersecurity particularly its impact on various sectors across Indonesia.

Featuring over 20 esteemed speakers and panelists from diverse sectors the CyberSecID 2024 Summit ensures an immersive exploration of the latest trends threats and innovative solutions in cybersecurity.

The summit anticipates the participation of over 200 decision-level professionals hailing from various industries including technology finance e-commerce insurance government retail and enterprise sectors. This diverse convergence of expertise promises invaluable insights knowledge exchange and collaborative strategies aimed at fortifying secure and agile technology frameworks across Indonesia. Additionally the event will showcase an exhibition area hosting 15+ leading exhibitors spotlighting cutting-edge technologies and groundbreaking innovations revolutionizing the global cybersecurity sphere.

Join us at the CyberSecID 2024 Summit for a transformative experience where industry luminaries converge to shape the future of cybersecurity in Indonesia!

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