Behind Data Protection: The Secret Of Overcoming Fintech's Greatest Challenge

Behind Data Protection: The Secret Of Overcoming Fintech's Greatest Challenge
25 January 3:30 p.m.


Financial technology, popularly known as fintech, is one of the fastest-growing areas of technological innovation, providing new, easier, and faster ways of banking and financial services to customers. Behind the convenience that the technology offers, several issues need to be concerned, one of them being data privacy and security. This is in line with the research results from the Indonesian Fintech Association (Aftech), which showed that 22% of payment fintech platforms and 18% of lending fintech had experienced cyberattacks. As many as 95% of 154 fintech admitted that less than 100 of their users experienced cyberattacks.

Fintech companies' reliance on data usage raises peculiar security challenges and places them in a particularly challenging situation. The highly sensitive personal and financial users' information that these fintech companies keep in their database and utilize to provide personalized, predictive, and seamless financial services to their customers puts them in a vulnerable position to data privacy and security issues. A survey conducted by the Indonesian Fintech Association (Aftech) shows data privacy and security become a concern for 89% of fintech customers.

Data privacy and security protection in fintech companies rely on the leverage of Data Science. In this session, Behind Data Protection: The Secret Of Overcoming Fintech's Greatest Challenge, the audience will dive deeper into how Data Science helps fintech companies to improve their data protection.

Andrew Tirto Kusumo, Data Engineer Manager at Flip
Andrew is currently working as Data Engineer in one of financial technology companies in Indonesia, Flip. He previously worked as Senior Data Engineer in digital-based credit, JULO.

As a Data Engineer, he is responsible for ensuring all features are generated perfectly before the data is finally analyzed. He is also in charge of optimizing the database, reducing latencies, and many more.

Zikry Zakiyulfuadi Sundus, VP of Technical Operations at DANA
Zikry is leading four departments in DANA; Data Analytics Team, SRE/DevOps Team, Technical Support Team, and Technical Risk Team. He has been working in DANA since the beginning (5 years ago), started as Engineering Manager leading Internal Tribe (BackOffice and Data Analytics), became Architect (rearchitecting TiXID), then became Senior Manager of Architecture and Data (Leading TechOps) before promoted as VP of Technical Operations.​

Prior to DANA, Zikry worked in startups and several corporates such as Ice House, Apta Media, MNC Group, and TelkomVision (Telkom Group). He has 17 years of working experience in Software Engineering, in the past, he architected and developed an OTA Platform and Mobile Payment (at Apta Media), an OTT Streaming Platform both User Generated Content called MeTube and paid OTT called Moviebay (at MNC), and developed lots of corporate platform/software (at TelkomVision).


  • 15.30 - 15.35: Opening
  • 15.35 - 16.00: Presentation by Panelist 1
  • 16.00 - 16.25: Presentation by Panelist 2
  • 16.25 - 16.30: Photo session
  • 16.30 - 17.25: Panel discussion & QnA session
  • 17.25 - 17.30: Closing

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