[2-day Training Course] Become a Healer with Tibetan Singing Bowls

[2-day Training Course] Become a Healer with Tibetan Singing Bowls
19 April - 20 April 2024
2-day Sound Healing Foundation Course

Our 2-day training retreat program will guide you to create relaxing & meaningful sound experiences to heal from within and help others.

🌿 Enrich your Creativity source.
From understanding foundational knowledge of the Tibetan instruments which were originally used in Buddhist meditation 5,000 years ago, you will be the creator of your own soul-healing soundtrack. The course will provide you in-depth and methodical knowledge of how the sound of singing bowls can affect our space, our body and mind with its own unique frequencies.

🌿 Heal yourself and heal others, too.
Using the right and mindful approach provided in the course, you will be able to guide your own deep relaxing sound meditations. Those singing bowl sessions help to reset your nervous system, balance out your chakras, amplify the healing process, or just simply detox your space and uplift your energy. Not only being able to help yourself, you will also be able to help others in the same ways.

✨ What special about this course:
Daily sound healing sessions guided by the coach to help attendees balance out their energy, relax deeply and get ready for new lessons.
Deep-understanding and experience the ancient meditation practices of Buddhism
Cleanse and activate your Chakra system, especially Chakra number 2 which is a gate of Creativity and Lifeness.
Full detoxing experience for the body and mind, energy, space and water source.
Opportunities to have your own Sound Healing community classes

✨ Course Timeline: 9AM to 5:30PM daily
19 & 20th, April 2024

Day 1: The fundamental of Singing Bowls and its sound waves
Identifying and distinguishing different types of Singing Bowls and their origin, their distinctive sound waves according to different playing techniques.
Essential techniques of how to hold and play the Singing Bowls correctly.
Understanding the movement of soundwaves and its connection to the energy of the body.
Use Singing Bowls to clean the living space, daily water source.
Use Singing Bowls to detox the mind (individual and in pairs practice).
Use Singing Bowls to release muscle tension, warm up the body (individual and in pairs practice).
Use Singing Bowls for pain relief, body massage (individual and in pairs).

Day 2: Enrich your potential and practice guiding effective singing bowl sessions
Understanding energy centers (chakras system) on the body.
Use Singing Bowls in mediation.
Use Singing Bowls to balance out the Chakra system, and especially Chakra number 2.
Scanning techniques: how to use them to clean energy, release blockages in the chakras, and balance out the energy (individual and in pairs).
Chanting techniques: how to use them for clearing energy, releasing blockages in the chakras, and intensive flows of practices for energy balancing (individual and in pairs).

✨ About our Healing Coach:

Coach Hoa Tran is a healer with more than 4 years of experiences and intensive studies. She has been hosting hundreds of energy healing sessions, training courses in energy healing (Reiki and Singing Bowls). Hoa Tran is also a healing hypnotherapist, a spiritual coach for individuals and business owners.

Her experience and applications on healing based on in-dept and professional knowledge:
Reiki master (2019)
Master kundalini Reiki (2019)
Sound Healing therapy (2020) by Master Jojo - Founder Lotus Mindfulness
Singing Bowls Application in Yoga practices (2020) by Ha Tham
Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Therapy and Sound Healing Training by Ali Young (2022)
Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Therapy & Sound Healing Training Certificate by Ali Young (2022) BQH - Quantum healing by Candace Craw-Goldman - Founder of Beyond Quantum Healing (2020)
Master NLP coach Certificate approved by AB of NLP and NLP University Academy (2019-2020).

✨Course Fee
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Course fee includes meals, tea & snacks for 2 days, yoga practice and singing bowls for practicing during the class.

✨ How to register: inbox us
Once completing your information registration, you will receive instruction emails from us for further enrolment steps.

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