Creative Thinking in Hanoi

Creative Thinking in Hanoi
25 April 2024
8:30 a.m.

Creative Thinking (CT) – 2 days, 2 modules, 6-18 people. (Seven Caps required)

The human brain is not designed to be highly creative. It creates neurological networks to form behaviour patterns.

Creative Thinking requires tools to allow people to break these patterns and create new concepts which lead to ideas and valuable new products or services.Course structure:

Module 1:

Focus: Sharpen or change focus to improve creative efforts,

Alternatives/Concept Extraction: Use concepts to breed new ideas,

Challenge: Break free from limits of accepted methods

Random Entry: Use unconnected input to open new lines of thinking.

Module 2:Provocation: Move from provocative statements to useful ideas,

Harvesting: Select best early ideas and shape into usable approaches,

Treatment of Ideas: Develop ideas and shape to fit.

Leaning Outcome: manage creative process, create new ideas, develop innovative ideas, be proactive.

Who Should Attend? Anyone who wants a disciplined process for innovation, idea generation, concept development, creative problem solving, or a strategy to challenge the current situation.

Seven Thinking Caps training required.

$450 per person, min 6 max 18.

For more information see

Ian Carter

A BN 36 136 688 340

Price 300.00 - 450.00
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Regus - Press Club

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