Fusion Meetup

Fusion Meetup
29 February 2024
6 p.m.

Fusion is back for another year of awesome events, incredible speakers, tasty food from our fellow brummie foodies, and those oh so moreish cupcakes!

Join us at Studio Venues, Cannon Street, Birmingham on Thursday 29th of February at 6pm for another evening of Fusion goodness.

The meetup will fall on 'Leap Day' and the Fusion team love any excuse to celeberate, so we welcome any frog themed attire but ask that you refrain from any 'leap frog' practice whilst inside of the venue 🐸

We have a strict Code of Conduct at Fusion and we ask that you read it before purchasing a ticket to attend code-of-conduct.">span>. In short - be kind and respectful of others.

So who will be joining us for the first Fusion of 2024?......


Bruce Lawson - Official job title: BAB (Bloke around Brum). Ex Deputy CTO, Opera; co-editor of W3C HTML5.3 spec, co-author of BS8878 Web accessibility.

Talk: Whose web is it anyway?

Sir Uncle Timbo (Tim Berners-Lee to you) famously designed the web for all people, whatever their hardware, software, language, location, or ability. As mobile devices become ubiquitous, yet controlled by a de facto duopoly, how can we ensure that the web remains open, affordable, and accessible for our 3 billion neighbours who are as yet unconnected?"

Jen Beattie - Head of Engineering at GivePanel

Talk: Code Queens: Strategies for Empowering Women in Tech

Why are only 26% of people working in technology women? And why do 50% of those women leave the industry by the age of 35? This talk aims to dig deeper into the problems and barriers women face in the tech industry.

From a lack of education and gender bias to periods and menopause. I’ll be taking you through how I got into tech and managed to stay there. And finally finishing up with some actionable strategies and insights to actively contribute to reducing the gender gap in the tech industry, going beyond statistics to address practical ways individuals and organisations can support and promote women in tech.

More speakers to be annouced soon!


We're excited to welcome back our friends at Infobip who are joining the Fusion fun for 2024. They've got some exciting annoucements to make, and will be hosting workshops as well as bringing some more fun swag competitions! (Hopefully we see the return of the Infobip bot! That was funnnn!!).

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