An ADHD AF Christmas Laura - BIRMINGHAM

An ADHD AF Christmas Laura - BIRMINGHAM
6 December 2023
7 p.m.

It will be lonely this Christmas without Dawny, so please keep me and some special ADHD As Females - The Podcast Guests company at a night of ADHD Awareness raising, unmasking and connecting with the ADHD Community in the AMAZING Tonight Josephine, Birmingham!

As explained in the clip below from Episode 2 of Season 2 of the Podcast; with Dawn having just started her 3rd year at university - it's just Laura taking the show on the road this time, but Dawn may still make a last minute cameo if she is able. This is an ADHDAF Community Christmas Party with a small Dickensian twist... WHO THE HELL IS CAROL?! ;)

Come along for the usual ADHDAF celebration of Too-Muchness, Prizes, Surprises and Musical Interludes to unite the community at what can be a triggering time for many like us. This might be the only party of the season that you can fully unmask at; a safe and supportive space to connect with ADHDAF Family.

10% of profits will be donated to The Leopard Print Army Fund, for all future ADHD Campaigning and training to empower and support ADHDers with activism and advocacy.

Expect: - Loud music (though there will be a quiet chill-out area) - strong language - tears - laughter - tears of laughter - ADHD information - camaraderie - festive feels and ridiculousness!

I f you have / suspect you may have / care about someone who has ADHD or just want to learn more about the neurodevelopmental condition from a late diagnosed experiential perspective, come along!


From day one, the message of ADHDAF is that ADHD is not one size fits all. Just like the podcast, and the Too Much Tour shows, this festive show is a representation of how ADHD presents for Laura and those that feel validated by her and Dawn sharing their experiences on the late ADHD diagnosis roller coaster. Just like the ladies themselves, this event won't be to everyone's tastes. But if you relate to ADHD As Females - The Podcast come and own your too-muchness too!

Find out more about the Aberdeen podcast raising global ADHD Awareness here:

Please contact the venue with accessibility requirements.

There will be a bar service and stalls, but no food.

D oors 6:30pm for 7pm start

Price £ 14.25
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