The Comedy Kickback Comedy in English

The Comedy Kickback Comedy in English
5 Dezember 2022

An English-language standup-comedy show with MAXIMUM ATTITUDE for your Monday!

*Free Mexikaner shots with every drink purchase from 19:30!!

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*About the Show: Located in the cozy and intimate back room of Agata Bar, 8 of Berlin's up-and-coming comedians bring the funny as they polish old jokes and work on new ones.

Bring your poor and sexy self and let's kick it! Come witness the behind-the-scenes of how comedians craft those sneaky punchlines.

You don't want to miss this weekly show. Limited space available, so spread the word and RSVP now!

Come celebrate the beginning of the week with big laughs, big fun and good energy!


Doors: 8:30pm
Show: 9:00pm

**Donation-based show: **
- €7-10 suggested donation

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Your Host:

Justin Small (Insta: @justicakes)
Originally from the United States of Africa America, Justin is a common face on the Berlin standup comedy scene.

Having lived in Europe, Latin America and Asia, he derives much of his inspiration from his experiences and misadventures of being an "ethnically ambiguous" black guy around the world.

His comedic style combines sharp wit with intellect, personality and attitude; all tied together with a straightforward delivery.

Reviews from fans:

"If you want to have a blast and laugh your pants off go see Justin small! Chill relaxed dude who's incredibly funny!"
~ Johannes Gosser-Duncan

"Justin is super hilarious and charming. His jokes are not only funny but will make you think. Intelligent & funny, cannot wait to see you again"
~ Ewelina van Kol

"I'm so glad there are comedians like Justin in Berlin. He cracked me up!"
~ Dera Luce


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