Tech and its labours: beyond false consciousness and empowerment(IN PERSON)

Tech and its labours: beyond false consciousness and empowerment(IN PERSON)
6 Februar 13:30
Image Credit: Dante Terzigni, via City Journal

Sponsored by Cambridge University, the Philomathia Foundation and the Weizenbaum Institute, this day-long, hybrid symposium will bring together a group of selected scholars, activists, and platform workers to discuss the work that creates, reproduces, and sustains platform technologies. This discussion requires, as well, examining the works platform companies engage in to create, reproduce, and sustain the politico-economic, aesthetic, and ethic imagination where they and their ways of knowing make sense.

Questions that we will address include:

What do we miss when discussing tech work by focusing solely either on revealing the false consciousness we claim sustains these platforms or in celebrating their ethos of empowerment and "radical populism" (Mirowski 2009)?

How do platform companies put regulation, popular opinion, and other-than-financial resources to work in order to co-opt, funnel or challenge ways of empowerment, legitimacy and self-reliance?

How do platform technologies affect categories such as work, fairness, and efficiency, thus shifting the very terms in which we can debate them?

Have these companies captured the political and aesthetic imagination, neutralising actual alternatives?

Coffee and snacks will be provided to all registered attendants. The event will be held at the Flexraum in the Weizenbaum Institut, Hardenbergstraße 32, 10623 Berlin. There will be sign postings and support crew on arrival.

IF YOU'RE JOINING IN PERSON: please get a ticket here.

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***Please note: attendance is free but in-person places are scarce and offered on a first come, first served basis, so we do ask 1) that you book your in-person tickets in advance to ensure we can accomodate you, 2) to only request as many in-person tickets as you actually need, and 3) to cancel your in-person ticket if you can't make it, so we can allocate it to anyone on the waiting list. You are otherwise welcome to join us virtually***

***Please note, 2: in accordance with current public health guidelines in Germany, face masks are not mandatory at this event. Attendees are welcome to wear one if they prefer to do so, but should be aware this will not be expected of anyone in the room. Public health best practices also encourage attendees to public events in general to pay attention to their health and get tested before and after attendance, but this is not mandatory either***

Confirmed Programme:

  • 1.30 pm - 1.45 pm:

Welcome remarks, by Milagros Miceli and Juan M. del Nido

  • 1.45 pm – 2.45 pm:

Opening keynote: Digital platforms and automation in the wake of pandemic capitalism, by Antonio Casilli + Q&A

  • 2.45 pm – 3.45 pm:

Lightning talks: Tianling Yang, Assia Wirth, Juana Torres, Janina Zakrzewski.

- 30 min break -

  • 4.15 pm – 5.45 pm:

Roundtable: Labour activism, robots and platforms: the case of Amazon. Sarrah Kassem, Adrienne Williams, and Armin Beverungen.

- 15 min break -

  • 6.00 pm – 7.00 pm:

Closing keynote: algorithms and knowing work, by Juan M. del Nido. Discussant: Gianmarco Peterlongo

  • 7.00 pm:


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Hardenbergstraße 32, 10623 Berlin, Germany
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