Rea Garvey | Box seat in the Ticketmaster Suite

Rea Garvey | Box seat in the Ticketmaster Suite
27 April 2024
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Rea Garvey
Rea Garvey is a prominent German-Irish singer, song-writer, and musician known for his captivating rock-pop style. Born in 1973 in Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland, Rea Garvey's career as a musician began in the late 1990s with his band Reamonn. The band quickly gained popularity in Germany and across Europe with hits like "Supergirl" and "Through the Eyes of a Child. " The band disbanded in 2010, and Rea Garvey began pursuing a solo career.

Rea Garvey's solo career has been just as successful as his time with Reamonn.

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