#26: ProductTank Berlin: Mastering your product communication

#26: ProductTank Berlin: Mastering your product communication
8 Dezember 2022


Let’s celebrate the end of 2022 with another in-person ProductTank event!

This time we would like to talk about communication as a key skill of successful product managers. We invited two very experienced speakers to share their knowledge.

Roxane Hassler from Pitch will talk about the importance of socializing product strategy and her advice on how to do it right to it. After that, Matt Lemay, renowned product leader, author, and keynote speaker will share his way of saying no without saying no.

After the talks, as always, we will have time to network and get to know each other.

Please note

  • The event is RSVP only: to enter, you must RSVP here on Meetup.


  • 18:00 - Doors open for snacks, drinks and networking

  • 19:00 - Hello from ProductTank

  • 19:15 - Roxane Hassler: “Socializing Strategy”

  • 19:35 - Q&A session

  • 19:45 - Matt Lemay: "How to say no without saying 'no'"

  • 20:05 - Q&A session

  • 20:15 - Networking

  • 21:30 - Event ends

About our speakers:

Roxane Hassler, Head of Product Strategy at Pitch

Roxane started her career in performance marketing, working in an agency in Salzburg. The role evolved into a more strategic product marketing role and eventually led to a leap into product management and out of the agency.

After freelancing for a bit, Roxane landed her first full-time product gig in 2015 at the Berlin-based fintech accelerator FinLeap.

Two years later, she joined Circula as the first employee and Head of Product. There she was responsible for building a multi-platform expense management ecosystem.

In 2019 Roxane started at Pitch, where she now oversees the product strategy and is responsible for the entire core product domain. Ever since she’s been on a mission to revolutionize how people communicate with presentations.

Matt LeMay

Matt is an internationally recognized product leader, author, and consultant who has worked with companies like Spotify, Audible, Mailchimp, and Google.

He is the author of Agile for Everybody (O’Reilly Media, 2018) and Product Management in Practice (Second Edition O'Reilly Media, 2022), and has helped build and scale product management practices at companies ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 enterprises.

Matt is the creator of the One Page / One Hour Pledge, a commitment to minimize busywork and maximize collaboration that has been adopted by over 100 individuals and teams at Amazon, Walmart, CNN, BBVA, and more. Previously, Matt worked as Senior Product Manager at music startup Songza (acquired by Google), and Head of Consumer Product at Bitly. Matt is also a musician, recording engineer, and the author of a book about singer-songwriter Elliott Smith.

About Matt's talk:

It's no secret that product managers who reflexively say "yes" to everything set themselves up for burnout and their teams up for failure.

But the best product managers never find themselves having to reflexively say "no", either.

In this talk, product leader and author of Product Management in Practice Matt LeMay will describe the risks of responding to even the most unreasonable-seeming request with a simple "no", and will walk through strategies for turning even the most egregious swoop-and-poop into an opportunity to learn new things about your stakeholders and their goals.

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Max-Urich-Straße 3, Berlin, BE
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