Mantras and Folk with Vidroha Jamie

Mantras and Folk with Vidroha Jamie

Singing opens our hearts and awakens our joy of life!

Vidroha Jamie creates with his guitar a relaxed light mood in which it is fun to sing together songs from different cultures, such as mantras, Sufi songs, and some folk songs. Jamie has led singing and heart dance events since 1987 in India, the US, and Europe.

We'll do some mantra singing, some movement, some folk songs, a good mix to enjoy singing together. We'll experience singing also as a meditation, as the perception of silence grows through the singing.

You are invited to arrive by 7pm. There will be a complimentary tea and some snacks available for purchase.

We ask for a 5€ participation and if you'd like to donate more, you can do so at the venue.

Preis € 5,00
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