Kimchi, Kraut & Pickles - Fermentation Workshop

Kimchi, Kraut & Pickles - Fermentation Workshop
6 März 2024 19:00
Edible Alchemy
4 April 2024 19:00
Edible Alchemy

Our focus tonight is KIMCHI, KRAUT and PICKLES - the living ones of course - using the traditional recipes AND new fusion ideas in order to find your perfect taste and texture that the whole family / flat share will enjoy.

Get your tastebuds ready -  we will be TALKING, EATING, DRINKING, and MAKING delicious probiotic foods - some of which you will have never tasted before!

Everyone should come with a curious appetite, creative hands and minds and leave with a jar of delicious, custom made fermented veggies that one can observe and enjoy during the weeks ahead. 


- a jar 

- if you have, any veggies that are in surplus from your harvest, lying around the kitchen or fridge that are starting to look sad and unused: zucchini, carrots, onions, peppers, cauliflower, beetroot...etc! (extra jars and veggies will also be provided for our creative uses) 

- your curious tastebuds for the probiotic snack and drink bar!

Contact: [email protected]

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