Devotion in Motion I Cacao, Guided Dance & Kirtan

Devotion in Motion I Cacao, Guided Dance & Kirtan
19 März 14:00

Join Lisa-Marie Seiter for Devotion in Motion – a blend of conscious dance & movement, heart-opening cacao & sacred mantra.

An afternoon to embody moving & sounding prayer – individually & collectively as one.

Guiding you through:

Cacao Ceremony - Guided Movement & Dance Journey – Devotional Kirtan – Healing & Expanding in Community

Guided Movement & Dance Journey

Arriving fully in your body and experiencing safety with your emotions. Moving stagnant energies and creating spaciousness for your life force to travel through you freely. Experience what it means when your whole body turns into a moving prayer. Expect a mix of embodiment, movement & (contact) dance.

Cacao Ceremony

Devoting all your longing and desires in a ceremonial, collective prayer. Witnessing and being witnessed in your heart yearning. Letting the medicine of cacao travel through you, widening your heart space and connecting you to your deep inner knowing, wisdom & intuition.


In chanting ancient vedic mantras we are opening our throat, our heart and our whole spirit. All is coming together in the experience of collective prayer in the form of our voice and whole being. Connect to your heart and let the bhakti bliss infuse your whole body, mind & soul.

This offering is for you if you...

_want to connect deeper with yourself, your body, your heart & your prayers

_desire to embody your truest and most alive version of yourself

_long to connect with others and be supported in your healing journey

_want to experience deep connection to your source energy and divine guidance

My deepest intention is to guide you back to yourself – to the most alive, unique & radiant being that you already are.

To give you an idea of our time together:

_Opening Circle

_Cacao Ceremony

_Guided Movement & Dance Journey




Option to join for kirtan-only from 5-7pm

So honored to guide you.


Connect with us on Instagram: @lisa.marie.seiter


About the facilitators:


Lisa found yoga almost 10 years ago and has been on the path ever since. What started with a purely asana-based yoga practice, has evolved into so much more and has now fully become her life.

Over the years, Lisa was fortunate enough to travel and study from various great teachers all over Europe and India which allowed her to explore various aspects of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, embodiment practices, dance, as well as ayurveda – but it's especially bhakti yoga, the path of love & devotion that has transformed her heart deeply.

Lisa is driven by the desire for more humanity, more vulnerability and connectedness. She's committed to co-create a world that is more sustainable – for us and the planet. A world in which people can express and develop themselves freely and can connect to their innate qualities of joy and contentment. By doing this they feel nourished and whole and it comes naturally to spread love and share their gifts with others. She believes that everyone deserves a life that is not dominated by productivity and "success", but by how much our hearts are filled.

Instagram: @lisa.marie.seiter 

Preis € 14,99 - 49
Veranstaltungsort Cafe Fincan
Altenbrakerstr. 26 Ecke Nogatstrasse, 12051 Berlin
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