Dark Comedy OPEN MIC #146 - English Stand-Up *TRIGGER WARNING* w/TeraComedy

Dark Comedy OPEN MIC #146 - English Stand-Up *TRIGGER WARNING* w/TeraComedy
2 August 2024

A place for dark comedy and dark humour people! Not for the faint of heart - only the most vile, twisted and demented comedy will be seen!

This one will be guest hosted by the amazing Tera Comedy.

New Year, but our depressing lives move on. Time to make fun of it. Or end it after the show. Up to you.

It's a dark and twisted show by demented people (us) for screwed up people (you)!


- non smoking venue

- HAPPY HOUR from 8pm with discounted drinks

- trigger warning - we are trying stuff out so it might get sloppy

- tickets are 3€ up front, you pay the rest at the door (cash or via card)

- we serve FREE SHOTS until 9pm

- show at 9pm

Do you enjoy dark jokes!?

Is your sense of humour slightly twisted then this one is for you!

The Dark Comedy is an OPEN MIC Comedy Show in English

- meant to help comedians test out their more twisted / darker material.

- we expect that you are not easily offended if you decide to come to this show

- Berlin is the most active comedy scene in continental Europe and it caters to all types of humour including dark!

- The show will feature 6 comedians trying out tested and new jokes to hone them to the point where they really shock

Tickets are:

13€ - What is wrong with me Ticket - you can save yourself a seat by paying 3€ up front and then 10€ at the door

11€ - What is wrong with my friends Ticket - you pay 3€ up front and only 8€ at the door if you are 4 or more people


19€ at the door (if we have seats left)

Here is a little taste from our hosts:

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