Cacao Orgasmic Breath Ceremony

Deep healing active meditation journey of self-discovery

Do you want to bring a full flow of Orgasmic life force into your body and feel fully alive? Do you want to experience blissful expansion? Is there a heavy feeling in your body and you don't know how to let it go? Are you going through some difficult moment in your life and you want to move on? or just simply wanna experience more joy and relaxation in your daily life?

Then this evening might be what you are looking for!

Lets Breathe !

This journey will be 3hrs deep dive into a powerful therapeutic process. We invite the Spirit of Cacao to join us on a journey into the depths of our Breath, Body and Soul. With heartfelt prayers and intentions we open sacred caring space for you to activate your inner healer.

We start with dance and movement meditation, connecting to ourselves and all the group. From here activate our energy through bioenergetic exercises, smoothly transitioning into the deeper process, into journey where we allow ourselves to let go of our armours and through Biodynamic breathwork and dearmouring bodywork, we peel off layers of unwanted protection that still hold us from being fully authentic empowered beings. Lets shine our truths, our emotions, our vulnerability, orgasmic sounds, life force and any expression is welcome!


The Spirit of Cacao is a teacher, a keeper of ancient, sacred wisdom. The spiritual dimension is perceived as radiant energy, described as a medicine of the soul, medicine of peace and rainbow medicine. On the eternal, cosmic world map, Cacao marks one of the great world trees. Representing this tree of life, Cacao carries the frequencies of love, balance and compassion, allowing a deep, loving connection with yourself and others. We will create a sacred space to ground yourself, recalibrate your inner spaces and expand your being in spacious, loving waves.

intro video:

This Ceremony is an intro to Orgasmic Breath 5 day Training in May 3rd - 7th :


This deeply powerful ceremony will be a journey, where you will be guided into a higher state of consciousness using a deep connected breath - thus flooding the body with oxygen and allowing for any trapped emotions or traumas to rise to the surface, to complete expression or be cleared from your body. Leaving yourself feeling more whole and integrated.

Bioenergetic is the basis of this form of therapy. It is the relevance of the body’s own energy to the emotional and psychological well-being of the person. In order to achieve emotional health, energy must be permitted to flow freely through the mind and the body. Bioenergetic analysis is built on the foundation that each person is one with his or her body and therefore, all of the life events and experiences are in reality experiences of the body.

Breathing is a powerful tool to open and explore your energy. Through various techniques such as breath and pulsations you are encouraged to relax, release repressed emotions and body tensions, allowing the integration of previously unresolved issues.

You move through many different layers of your personality, creating a clear awareness and understanding of unconscious mind patterns.

This technique can also bring you back to your birth, a traumatic experience locked in the unconscious, and even to experiences before birth. Reliving these events makes available incredible resources of energy and brings you to a new -Yes- and deep trust towards life.

Breath work is best done on an empty stomach.

Bring comfortable clothes for free movement .

This work is NOT suitable for people with Heart disease, Epilepsy, Schizoprenia and pregnancy.


Kachenka Foltova is a Transformational facilitator, Tantra teacher, Intimacy Coach and Trauma Therapist.

She is certified Ipsalu Kriya Yoga teacher, Biodynamic breath and trauma release practitioner, Cobra Breath level 1 initiations, Shiatsu Thai massagist, Reiki & Deeksha giver, Initiated into plant medicine paths with Huichol and Shipibo tribes.

She is devoted to create safe spaces where more freedom of expression, vulnerability, true authentic eros and intimacy can be explored.

Preis € 40,61 - 49,13
Veranstaltungsort Life Artists Creators Hub
Milastraße 4, 10437 Berlin, Germany
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