Adam French

Adam French
Title: Spotlight on Adam French - The Rising Star of Rock Pop

For those who appreciate genre-blending music fuelled by heartfelt lyrics and captivating melodies, Adam French could be a stellar find. The English Rock Pop artist is steadily gaining recognition in the music world for his evocative sound that marries hauntingly beautiful vocals with skillfully crafted instrumentals.

Background & Early Career

Born and raised in the industrial town of Congleton, Cheshire, UK, Adam French is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist who was influenced by the eclectic music tastes of his parents – spanning classic rock, folk, soul, and beyond. Despite his roots being firmly based in Congleton, French has always had his sights set on bigger horizons, and his dedication to music gave him an undeniable authenticity that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Musical Journey

Adam French started his musical journey by playing in punk bands as a teenager.

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