Top Weekend Events in Bangkok You Must Check Out 29 September - 1 October 2023

Are you looking for something to do this Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? Then keep reading! Sports, festivals, concerts, parties, family-friendly events and more - Bangkok is full of exciting things to do and see this weekend.
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Whatever you’re into, our list of things to do has all the best options.There are new lifestyle gatherings and cultural events to enjoy this weekend. You won’t miss any of online happenings with our guide.
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Issasha x Pam Anantr x DJ Zombie
An end of the month that is going to be a perfect sent off to rainy september at studio lam, …
30 September
VISAGE PARTY with Brahms & Saari
VISAGE is your ticket to a musical journey back in time where the DJs let the records do the talking. …
30 September
Queer Dance Library
Prepare to dive into an electrifying fusion of beats and visuals QáááÊ á áÉáá ÊɪÊÊáÊÊ is back with another thrilling …
30 September
Workshop (Susan Croissant x Pla.Yimleklek)
วนหยดทงทมาหาอะไรสนกๆทำกนเถอะกบ Work Shop ครงแรก ของ Susan Croissant Susanขอชวนทกๆคนมารวมทำ กจกรรมสนกๆ สดฮลใจ สดนารก สดพเศษกบคณปลาจาก Pla.Yimleklek ทมผตดตามมากกวา 700kคน คณปลาผมชอเ
30 September
DROP THAT BEAT Drop It at Culture Cafe, Bangkok Deep, Tech Underground Techno Saturday September 30th, 2023 at 2100 until …
30 September
HOMEBOY is not just a dance event its a celebration of community, unity, and the spirit of togetherness. Nestled within …
30 September
Answer Techno, POOL PARTY Bangkok Holiday Inn Sukhumvit 22 Sat. 30th September, 03pm10pm ààààà¹àà๠àààà๠àªààààààà àà¹ààà²àà¹ààµà¹ ââà¹ààà¹à à¹ààà¹àààªààµ
30 September
SAT 30th SEP 2023 Tropical galaxy presents. WARP DRIVR Dj line up MODY TH 01.00am late 4STAR TH 23.30pm 01.00am …
30 September
Mustache Takeover Bangkok Island
Set sail on the ultimate Techno cruise adventure Mustache is back on September 30th at BANGKOK ISLAND. Get ready for …
30 September
Bangkok Bass Boi
àà²àà¹àààààà¹àààà¹àà Bass Music à¹ààà¹ààààà à¹ààààµà¹à¹àààà¹ààààààà²ààà¹ààààààààààààµà¹ààààà²à¹àà¹àà¹à¹àà¹àà²àªààൠà¹
30 September
Cloud Nine Asoke FREE PARTY Sat 30 September
Step into the coolest hangout where Wds chill vibes perfectly blend with wines smooth notes. Budz Booze is all about …
30 September
CHUNN PLAY Party Ep.6: Trippy in the House
CHUNN PLAY EP6 Trippy in the house Date Sat 3092023 Time 08.00pm02.00am Ticket at door only 300B. Free1drink Free entry …
30 September
Glass Jar Lantern Making Workshop
Light Up Your Familys Creativity at Our Lantern Making Workshop Details Saturday 30 Sept from 10 am12 pm Cost THB600for …
30 September
Unleash Your Inner Architect: Build Your Dream Italian City
Are you ready to turn your Italian city dream into a tangible masterpiece Were thrilled to announce the CREO LAB …
30 September