Seven Peaks Speaks: Hacktoberfest GitHub Copilot Insights

Seven Peaks Speaks: Hacktoberfest GitHub Copilot Insights
11 October 2023
6 p.m.

Unlock the power of AI in coding with GitHub Copilot

Seven Peaks Speaks invites you to a special session on Hacktoberfest on Github Copilot together with Brendon Matheson from Microsoft and Jose Barbosa from Seven Peaks. In this meetup get to know from Brendon on how GitHub Copilot can help you transform natural language prompts into coding suggestions across dozens of languages. Explore new features like the Copilot Chat feature and original Copilot capabilities in a guided live demo.

Also get to know Jose's incremental approach and adoption of AI in his day-to-day workflow. In this talk he’ll share his journey from initial skepticism to integration of ChatGPT into his development workflow from first use to trial and error to fixing a lot of code generated to avoiding bugs. This talk is a valuable guide for those who seek to balance using API to support their coding craftsmanship.

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Meetup Details:

  • Topic: Hacktoberfest Github Copilot Insights
  • When: Wednesday 11th October 2023 18:00 (GMT+7)
  • Where: Seven Peaks office - The PARQ (East Wing) 5th Floor.
  • MRT Queen Sirikit station (Exit 2)
  • This event will be in English


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