Module 2 : Gong : The Primal Sound of the Elements

Module 2 : Gong : The Primal Sound of the Elements
1 April 2023 12:30 p.m.
Saturday 1st of April 2023, from 12:30am to 16:30pm.

4 hours learning session including certificate, with Melanie Giles.

Choosing this single module - 5000 THB
Choosing two modules - 9500 THB
Choosing three modules - 14000 THB
Choosing four modules - 18500 THB
Choosing five modules - 23000 THB
Full course ‘The Vibration of the Universe: Introduction to Sound Healing Practices’ - 27000 THB


Observe the Unstruck Sound, the Anahat.
The Naad of your beating heart…
Infinite creative possibilities abound!
Struck into sound.
By the will of The One.
Wielding the mallet.
Both creator & creation.
Player & played.
Riding seemingly many.
Yet only one wave...

Gongs are majestic, awe-inspiring instruments both visually and sonically. For thousands of years, humans have tapped into the vibrations of gongs to signal celebrations or impeding danger; to call together community for important announcements; to clear undesirable energy and invoke profound healing, even to summon courage for war.

Resembling giant gold coins of good fortune, gongs transmit the perfectly balanced material and energetic blend of the primal elements. Metal from the Earth tempered by Fire and Water, suspended to resonate in the Air and reverberate beyond the Ethers. Their innate healing power lies in their simplicity, yet their simplicity belies their deep complexity! Played consciously, gongs will reveal their ancient magic to bring inner peace, deep release and complete rejuvenation.

During this module, we will discover basic aspects of Gongs and learn about their qualities for self-healing while practicing different techniques. Your session will culminate in how to confidently and creatively deliver a group Gong Bath.

We will enjoy the following program:

- A brief history, anatomy, craftsmanship of various types of gongs.

- How to choose and care for a gong and recommended accessories (mallets, stand, bag/case).

- Learn and practice an ample diversity of playing techniques and patterns.
Mastering mallet hold and enjoy creating soundscapes with various mallets.

- How to strike imperceptibly/audibly and when to surrender to silence.

- Playing Gongs as a self-healing, movement & breath meditation.

- The importance and interconnection of rhythm, intensity, speed and volume.

- How to confidently and safely deliver a group Gong Bath.

This module is accessible to anyone who wants to discover and experience the wonderful sound healing practice with Gongs and dig into a basic knowledge of these wise musical instruments. Whether you practice yoga asana or meditation, make music, practice any type of therapy, or simply want to learn more about these ancient instruments. No music or Yoga experience is required.

The module is a first chapter of the two-day course ‘Gong: The Primal Sound of the Elements’ Level 2, which will take place on the 29th and 30th of April, where we will navigate in a deep and comprehensive practice and learning of the therapeutic use of Gongs. In order to join the Level 2 course, this introductory module is required.

Some written information will be given, however attendees will be provided with material to take notes.

About the facilitator:

Hong Kong-born Mel has lived and worked in Thailand for over 20 years. She is the Founder of Lotus Wellness studio in Sathorn, Bangkok and mother of two. Initiated into energy healing aged 10 through Traditional Chinese Medicine, she believes that the only road to wellness is a holistic one.
Her personal wellness journey weaves together a potent blend of Reiki, Kundalini Yoga, Water Therapy, Essential Oils and Integral Sound Healing. Her professional path encompasses two decades as a PR and Marketing specialist in the music, hospitality and property industries as well as primary school teaching. Mel’s musical passion was sparked aged 4 through classical piano, fanned by recorder aged 8 and continues well into her late 40s through the joy of gongs, bowls, harp, flute, guitar and chanting mantras.

Besides offering group/private sessions and wellness certification courses in 5 languages at her garden oasis studio, Mel has also been honoured to share the healing vibrations of her gongs at Tedex Chiangmai, Wonderfruit Festival, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre and the Alliance Française Bangkok. She also offers off-site corporate wellness sessions. Her community studio is a sacred space for sharing deep healing, education and the empowerment of students to grow into confident practitioners and teachers.

This 2nd module is part of 'The Vibration of the Universe: Introduction to Sound Healing Practices' course, where we explore and dive into different basic aspects, approaches and techniques in Sound Healing.

The program includes these modules, with the options of choosing all sessions or separate ones, depending on the interest, time or motivation of the student.

Module 1: Fundamentals of Sound: Healing Body, Mind & Spirit.
Module 2: Gong: The Primal Sound of the Elements.
Module 3: Tibetan Bowls: Vibrational Wisdom from the Himalayas.
Module 4: Crystal Bowls: Awakening Resonance with Quartz.
Module 5: The Magic of Community Drumming.
Module 6: Voice & Breath: Our most Powerful Instruments.

We listen, we learn, we heal, we enjoy together.

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