KUMAR - Greatest Hits - Live in Bangkok!

KUMAR - Greatest Hits - Live in Bangkok!
26 May 2023 8 p.m.
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KUMAR IS COMING TO BANGKOK! Presented by The Comedy Club Bangkok and LOL Asia we bring S.E ASIA’s BIGGEST, BOLDEST & MOST ICONIC comedian in the city of angels! Come see Kumar on steroids having free reign like no other place on earth!

Kumar is hailed as one of South East Asia’s most iconic and respected performing artists and a brilliant stand-up comedian. In the past three decades, Kumar has proven to be a multi-talented performer, entertaining millions as a comedian, tv host, actor, dancer, director and author. Widely known for poking fun at all things controversial, Kumar’s caustic remarks, based on everyday observations, are bound to have audiences bowling over with laughter. In this show, Kumar will deliver the best comedy material refined over thousands of performances, bringing you a show delicately put together with the intention to amaze audiences, transcending across age, gender, and race. It will be a culmination of Kumar’s best in a show that integrates all that has made Kumar famous.

This is the last chance to catch Kumar doing some classic jokes as she will retire them permanently after the tour. If you’d like to hear Kumar’s ‘Annabelle’, ’Auntie vs Uncle’s Sausage’ or ‘Q-mar’s Spaghetti’ LIVE, you must come and watch Kumarsutra: Greatest Hits in the wildest place of all Bangkok, where Kumar is going to go wilder than ever!

LIMITED EARLY BIRD TICKETS ON SALE NOW! From ฿1400 to up close and personal front section seats at ฿2800 at ComedyClubBKK.com.

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