5 October 2023
11 p.m.
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Note that costs are very much higher Post-COVID, not only has the tourism tax increased by >3 times, transport & food costs have gone up. Those that signed up in 2020 - will pay the old rates.
Thankfully Bhutan's pristineness is still intact. It's still worth going.

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▐≡► Cost includes Druk Air direct flights: BKK to Paro

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? Early arrival time gives us max time to enjoy the day
? Daily flight = easier to fix the date
? Cheaper
? Compared to ex-SG 5 pm arrival is wasting 1st day & tourism tax paid for no itinerary
? Return flight via BKK is 12 pm vs SG is 8 am
? Save you ~ USD 250 easily cover yr BKK flight & lodging

Flight to BKK ~ $ 300
Many options to sleep in BKK =>

Once 8 pax paid the non-refundable deposit. Druk Air ticket will be booked.

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We designed this trip as an all-rounded intro to Bhutan. Suitable for moderately fit beginners to hiking as long U lead an active & healthy lifestyle. The hike up Tiger's Nest is the only real hike. Most days are just a short hike to places of interest or planting a tree.

▐► Highlights:
✅ Taktsang Monastery [Tiger Nest]
✅ Explore Paro, Thimphu, and Punakha heartlands
✅ Be immersed in the grandeur of the Himalayas; enjoy pristine nature and one of the world’s richest biodiversity.
✅ Visit many sacred temples, medieval fortresses (Dzongs), museums esp. the most beautiful fortress of Bhutan: Punakha Dzong
✅ Interact with Bhutanese people by visiting local houses, schools, and temples and experience Bhutanese lifestyles up-close
✅ Special mission to plant trees - lower your carbon emission
✅ Learn how Bhutan can be carbon negative
✅ Paro river, Paro Dzong (fortress) & Ta Dzong (watch tower)
✅ Iron Bridge of Tamchog Lhakhang Monastery
✅ Memorial Chorten sacred shrine
✅ Takin Preserve - National animal of Bhutan - hike to Wangdetshe Gomba
✅ Game of archery
✅ Buddha point
✅ Dochula Pass, 3140 m with backdrop of fluttering prayer flags of Druk Wangyal Chortens
✅ Lungtsezelkha hike
✅ Scenic hike up fertility monastery
✅ Punakha Dzong + 180 m Suspension bridge
✅ Khamsum Yuelley Namgyal stupa
✅ Sangchen Lhuendrup Choling Nunnery
✅ Easy Hike up the nature trail to Talo Dzong
✅ Short hike to Zuri Dzong fortress - to Uma resort
✅ Gonsaka Lhakhang
✅ Traditional herbal hot-stone bath after Tiger's Nest hike
✅ Bhutanese cooking class

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This customized trip is to give us an unparalleled insight into Bhutan's culture, nature, people & the Bhutanese way of life. The tour starts in Thimphu and all that the capital has to offer, from the enormous golden Buddha on the mountainside to shops, cafes, and handicrafts stalls before you begin your journey to Punakha and visit the famous fortress in Punakha and enjoy some of the most beautiful parts of Bhutan inside the Dzong, then continue the drive back to Paro to hike the iconic Tiger’s Nest Monastery before your onwards journey.
Every stop is laden with attractions that will enliven your senses and leave you with an indelible feeling of having touched the soul of Bhutan, rather than just skimming through attractions. Our chosen tour guides and field personnel is always the best.

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Min 8 pax to confirm on a twin share basis
15 pax & below: SGD 4,955/pa ➡️ USD 506/Day
16 pax & above: SGD 4,795/pa ➡️ USD 489/Day

Sign up with a Deposit of SGD 1900

• Return Economy class Ticket via Druk Air ex BKK
• The new Sustainable Development Tourism Tax
• Visa (US$40/person)
• All permit fees & activities in itinerary
• All transfers & entrance fees
• All meals & evening tea
• Drinking mineral water
• Six-night hotel (min 3.5 ۞)
• English-speaking tour leader & dedicated driver
• Excellent Toyota Coaster bus
• Hot-stone herbal bath
• Traditional attire
• PLANT-A-TREE at Happiness garden

• All personal expenses
• COVID Travel & Medical insurance
• Gratuity/Tips

▐►FLIGHTS: BKK ➡️ PARO ➡️ BKK - included in cost
You need to book your own flight to BKK (18 Apr) to catch Druk air 5 am flight ex-BKK on 18 Apr. Return flight from BKK needs to be after 7 pm, as Druk air ETA is 4 pm in BKK on 25 Apr

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The flight into Bhutan from BKK takes you close to the great Himalayas; offering dazzling scenic views of the world’s highest glacial peaks where you’ll be greeted by Mt. Everest and Mt.
Kanchenjunga, and our very own Mt. Jomolhari and Mt. Jichu Drakey.
As you enter the Paro valley, you will pass forested hills with the slivery pa chu (Paro river) meandering down the valley below the Paro Dzong (fortress) and Ta Dzong (watch tower) on
the hill above the town.
Upon arrival, you’ll be received by our friendly professional guide who will help you settle into your comfortable Bus, and then proceed to the capital city Thimphu. En route stop to visit the Tamchog Lhakang and marvel at the iron bridge reconstructed using the original chain link from the famous Tibetan bridge builder TangThong Gyalpo.
On arrival, you will be taken to your hotel for short check-in and short rest. Start the day sightseeing with a visit to the Memorial Chorten which is a sacred shrine built in the memory of the third king. It is located close to Thimphu city and is one of its most iconic monuments. Visitors will find elderly Bhutanese people circumambulating the Chorten throughout the day. Continue your visit to Takin Preserve to see the National animal of Bhutan. Followed by an easy acclimatizing hike to Wangdetshe Gomba which offers spectacular views of Thimphu City and takes approximately two hours in total at a leisurely pace. This is a popular place for locals to enjoy nature and viewpoints, and ride on the mountain biking trails.
In the evening, continue your visit to the national stadium and enjoy a game of archery the national sport of Bhutan played over a 140m long field. The games are played with much enthusiasm as archers compete to be the best shooter for the day. Drive back to the hotel for short rest and dinner at one of the best restaurants and overnight at the hotel.

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After breakfast drive up to Buddha point en route hike to the Happiness garden and Plant tress (????????? ????????). Each guest will be given a blue-pine sapling and you’ll then plant the trees and contribute to our environment and Carbon negative. Our Bhutan agent will look after it by watering it for a couple of weeks.
Continue hiking to Buddha point and visit Buddha Dordenma-a gigantic statue of the Sakyamuni Buddha. The statue is filled with over one hundred smaller statues each of which is like the Buddha itself, but made of bronze and gilded with gold. At a height of 59.5 meters, it is one of the tallest Buddha statues in the world. Enjoy a panoramic view of Thimphu city from there while taking a short scenic hike through the Park. You can optionally choose to walk
through the Nature Park here for some time if you feel like and we can do some prayer flags hoisting to send out some prayers in the world.
After lunch, Proceed to Zorig- Chusum school 13 traditional arts/crafts, the Royal Textile Museum and Academy. Followed by a visit to the National Library which holds a vast collection of Buddhist texts and manuscripts. The library also has modern academic books and the world’s largest published books titled Bhutan weighing nearly 150 Pounds.
Visit the colorful vegetable market where proud villagers behind pyramids of their agricultural produce greet you with stone weights in their hands and smiles on their faces. It is interesting to see what may seem to you as ‘weird vegetables and forest products’ that actually enrich the Bhutanese palate. Buy your own ingredients and head back to the restaurant for an evening class of “Bhutanese culinary” where you’ll be preparing your own dinner. Spend a delectable evening with one of the best chefs in Bhutan, and our close friend who runs a fabulous restaurant in Thimphu.

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After breakfast, drive to Punakha over the Dochula Pass (3140). Situated at the backdrop of fluttering prayer flags is the Druk
Wangyal Chortens is a collection of 108 chortens (stupas) that were built to exemplify the greatness of the Fourth King. From here you can enjoy the great views of the Himalayan mountain ranges. If you would like to hike, we recommend the Lungtsezelkha hike – another lovely hike that passes through Rhododendron forests and alpine
vegetation. Here you might come across some Yaks as we often spot them. It starts from Dochula pass – and climbs up to the peak where the Lungtsezekha temple stands at 3800m.
From here, you can see the great Himalayan peaks of northern Bhutan as well as the valleys of southern Bhutan. Descend to the low-lying rice valley of Lobesa and pay your respects to one of Bhutan’s most charming and eccentric historic figures nicknamed ‘The Divine Madman’ at the Chhimi Lhakhang – also called the fertility monastery - our guide will explain the entire story about it.
The visit involves a short nice hike through a beautiful village surrounded by paddy fields.

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Visit the Punakha Dzong- the most beautiful fortress in Bhutan situated at the confluence of two rivers. It was the capital of Bhutan until 1955 and still serves as the winter residence of the monk body. The fortress is a fine example of Bhutan’s rich art and architecture, and our guide who is an expert in iconography takes you on a story-telling ride. The fortress will inspire the photographer in you. Followed by 5 minute's walk to Bhutan's longest suspension bridge
towards Pho-Chu which is about 180m long.
After a picnic lunch at Zomlingthang, visit the Khamsum Yuelley Namgyal stupa, which is a splendid example of Bhutan’s fine architectural and artistic traditions and the only one of its kind in the world. The hike around the valley is approximately 3 km with 2 hours on a leisurely hiking pace.
Drive to visit Sangchen Lhuendrup Choling Nunnery which houses 100 nuns. From the nunnery, one can get a fascinating view of Punakha underline below. If you are interested you can chant Mantra (Om Mana Padma Hung) which means jewels in the Lotus flower and offer a butter lamp.
Continue your drive to visit the pristine Talo village. The village is enclosed with traditional houses scattered along the ridge and is a stunning sight. Hike up the nature trail through the verdant alpine forest leading towards Talo Dzong. Hiking through the mesmerizing valley surrounded by lush alpine trees towards the picturesque Talo Dzong can be an amazing experience. Talo Dzong was used as a summer residence for the monastic body back in 1616. In summer
the monks ascend up to Talo and in winter they descend back to Punakha Dzong. Hikers follow the ancient trail used by the monks to get to the Dzong. On a clear day, hikers can enjoy a panoramic view of the Punakha valley and surrounding villages and the high mountains beyond Wangduephodrang which marks the gateway to central Bhutan from the courtyard of Talo Dzong.

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Drive to Paro valley in the morning. Paro is a historic town with many sacred sites and historical buildings scattered throughout the area. In addition, Paro valley is wide and verdant and is recognized as one of the most beautiful valleys in Bhutan and is considered the rice bowl of the country.
Stop at Dochula for a hot cup of tea. On a clear day, you can have a panoramic view of the eastern Himalayan ranges from the pass (3140 m).
Upon arrival, take a short hike, leisurely one-hour hike along the forested hillside to Zuri Dzong fortress and then down to the Uma resort, where your driver will pick you up. The walk passes Gonsaka Lhakhang and then Zuri Dzong and provides wonderful views down over the valley and Dzong. Zuri Dzong dates from 1352 and is home to the valley’s local protector gods.
In the evening stroll around Paro town which may have objects of your shopping interest. Stroll around Paro town in the evening and overnight at the hotel.

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We’ve saved the best of Bhutan for the last. Today you’ll experience Bhutan’s most valued attractions, and perhaps one of the major highlights of your trip. An excursion to the famous Taktshang monastery – translated as Tiger’s nest monastery. A two hours hike would reward you with a spectacular temple clinging to a 1000 feet cliff. The temple was built in 1692 by a prominent historical figure named Gyaltse Tenzin Rabgye whose reincarnation is now a young teenager and already a prominent figure in the clergy. Your guide will complement the experience with its story.
In the evening, explore Paro town on foot and sample the various handicrafts and art centers. Visit a farmhouse to soak in a herbal hot-stone bath that is known to be therapeutic and helps ailments related to joints and muscle aches, besides simply soothing your mind and body. This is delicious after all those days of hiking.

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After breakfast at your hotel, your driver will take you to the airport. Your guide will help you with the formalities and fare you well on your onward journey.

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