Aristotle’s Cafe at Luka Bangkok 25th of January 07:00-08:30 pm

Aristotle’s Cafe at Luka Bangkok 25th of January 07:00-08:30 pm
25 January 7 p.m.
Aristotle's Cafe is a safe space for individuals to come together to improve their ability to be effective Global Citizens. This means taking the time to get better at communication, cultural awareness, critical thinking, and speaking with people from different backgrounds and perspectives.

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Calling out to all lovers of:
- Community
- Sharing Ideas
- Meeting Strangers
- Self-Development
- Being part of an Amazing Community of Global Citizens

Please try to arrive at a little prior to 7pm so you can order a drink or snack, get settled in and ready for the discussion


Here, we create skilled global citizens. Individuals ready to participate in society and actively shape it.

These sessions will help you improve your leadership, critical thinking, public speaking, active listening skills, cultural intelligence, personal development, and communication. If you're interested, we also have a facilitation training course so you can lead these type of discussions as well.


Open to all people - Cost to attend: Please choose to order a menu item to help support Luka Cafe, our very kind host.

WE ONLY HAVE 15 SPOTS AVAILABLE SO PLEASE CLICK "GOING" AND WRITE YOUR NAME IN THE DISCUSSION TO CONFIRM YOUR SPOT! We will have room for 1 or 2 people if you want to walk in, but cannot guarantee you there will be room.

---- WHAT TO EXPECT ------

Imagine a group of friends and strangers sitting in a circle and discussing interesting topics.

Each session starts with each participant writing down their own unique question.

You may think of a question before attending that is particularly interesting to you, or you can get inspired by past questions on our website.

After reading all the questions, the group votes on their favourite one to start with. An Aristotle's Cafe Facilitator then guides the group in a respectful, deep, and diverse conversation.

Aristotle's Cafe is a safe place to share your ideas and opinions. An outlet for your questions. A place to learn through conversation and free expression.

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- What was your biggest change in thinking and what made it possible?
- Should a government exist in our modern world?
- What is thinking?
- How much does appearance matter?
- How do you stay sane in an insane world with dark news every day?
- Do we need a purpose in life to be happy? How to overcome purpose anxiety?

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Venue Luka Bangkok
64/3 Thanon Pan, Silom, Bangrak,Bangkok, Thailand
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